Adding elements on the page  

New elements are added by dragging toolbar icons down on your page. Don't click them, drag them down. 

Try it now, create a new heading by dragging H1 icon.  



Working with images

There are three ways of adding images

  • drag and drop image toolbar icon, click and browse 
  • drag and drop an image from your desktop
  • drag and drop an image from other browser window

Example: Adding the image from another website



One click on the images enters resize mode, two clicks for crop mode, three clicks for frame mode. ENTER or double click to save change.

Try playing with the sample image below. 


As a bonus, you can try adding multiple images from your desktop to create a photo set.  

Adding videos

With Sitecake one can drag and drop add Youtube or Vimeo videos. Just pull the URL from the address bar or video thumbnail to your page. Once on the page video can be resized if needed. Here is an example below. 




Adding maps, tweets and more...

In the same manner you can drag and drop URL from Google map, or a tweet URL and Sitecake will embed it in the page. We will be adding more and more content types for drag and drop embedding. Content is not with you any more, it's on cloud services, so there should be an easy way to add it.




Apply predefined CSS styles

Sitecake reads  website CSS files and in case it finds that more than one style is defined for a certain type of content it will display all styles in the drop down on the toolbar. For example, this template is based on Bootstrap CSS so you can pick different paragraph styles defined by Bootstrap. Try clicking on any paragraph and picking a style from a toolbar drop down.




Apply a style on me.